The most famous man…

Luglio 9, 2001 in Racconti da Redazione

of the third millennium

Marc Sullivano, the scientist whose invention will change the way of life of millions of people, will born the 27th December 2197.

His childhood will be difficult because of his mother (the biggest prostitute in the whole town: each man will know Mrs Sullivano) and of his father, a businessman who will forget to have a son. Luckily Marc will be a very clever child, so his teachers will decide that the first school would be too easy for him. Yes, Sure, and he will start the Secondary School at the age of 8.

He will spend all his time studying, thinking more and more about human mind, its many-faces and what he could do to change something. He will be a genius, Yes, Sure.

On February 2215 he will take his degree as Nuclear-Medical-Humanist Engineer (there will be many new kinds of Universities!): he will be only 18 years old, but in his head there will be as many notions as in the head of a 60 years old expert, Yes, Sure.

Marc will study a lot of old books, about philosophy and theology and ethnography and finally, on the 22nd march 2218, he will join the important political group “The Anti-Big-Brother Party”, (the name reflects the political situation of those years: but I’m not going to speak about this). There Sullivano will meet Gyorgy Kerpely, a journalist interested in the human ways of life: with his help, the most famous man of the Third Millennium will have the invention that will change the World: the pill to change human mind, Yes, Sure.

All the pharmacies will be full of Sullivano’s pills in a couple of day and all the people will buy them. So that you will see a rabber giving money to a bagger; a priest giving money to a prostitute, but not for charity, just to have sex with her, Yes, Sure.

Marc Sullivano will earn a lot of money, but he will invest all in new researches; his great friend, Kerpley, will try to stop him and his continuous experiments: the problem will be that Marc will taste all the new pills, each day having a new personality.

At the age of 28 this big scientist will become crazy: in his biography, which will be written by Gyorgy Kerpler, there will be the anecdote of the 25th December 2225, when the journalist will find his friend dressed as Santa Clause, in all red with a long, natural beard, without the shoes, walking in the streets of the town annoying old women, Yes, Sure.

So he will be arrested and closed in a cold cell (this is because the politicians of those years will see a threat in him, but I’m not going to speak about this).

Marc Sullivano will die at the age of 31, on a sad afternoon, the 19th June 2227. There will be a big funeral organised by the “Anti-Big-Brother Party”, which will never abandon him.

His name will never be forgotten: every guy will wear T-shirts with his face printed on them and each year, on 19th June, there will be a commemoration day. Because Marc Sullivano will change the World, giving the people a change to look different, just for a day. Yes, Sure.

di Gianluca Ventura