Never you can

Agosto 17, 2006 in il Traspiratore da Cinzia Modena

Never land to find the

World discovered through a magic tree

Life is reading

Is flying inside my mind

Is running outside of my hand

White paradise of flowers you

The handsome is near the sea and look

Thorough the waves his living-dream that is

Riding away, sailing dangers

His eyes you can know how

Blue of desire are all plenty

Victories, battles, salt, seasons…


Lonely, a girl’s running and burning

Without reasons, just a romantic feeling, fire’s lighting


Closed the door what do you have? Where have you a rest?

The handsome is losing his soul in the horizon

Searching quite sensations

His eyes you can see how blue they are

Between your name and your dream, you and your desire

How big is the space that runs?

Run, run, run

On the skyline of your soul

Touch the hearth of the terra

Burn your hand near the sun

Put your face on the wind and leave your hair in a rebel dance

A handsome and a lonely-girl

Are walking without direction searching a Zen instruction

Discovering real common dreams… flying in the sea

Perhaps now, tomorrow

you can know

Il Traspiratore – Numero 58

di C. Modena