Gesù Superstar a Erfurt

Agosto 8, 2005 in Medley da Simona Margarino

“Oh so this is Jesus Christ

I am really quite surprised

You look so small

Not a king at all”

[Pilate, Jesus Christ Superstar]

English Version
Versione Italiana

Sulle scale di St. Mary’s, cattedrale maestosa, la storia sale i gradini a tre a tre e in poco più di un’ora e mezza si fa duemila anni di passeggiata. Il Verbo era in principio, poi è venuto il musical.

Siamo ad Erfurt, ma si sa, Dio passa ovunque… La prima tappa da palcoscenico fu nella Sain Paul di Wren, a Londra, dove il reverendo Martin Sullivan volle sentire Cristo cantare e, sentendoLo, Andrey Lloyd Weber e Tim Rice intuirono che la religione vibra più sacra se alle orecchie le parole arrivano sulla scorta di qualche nota ondeggiante

Poi, andando indietro lungo il sentiero degli anni, capitarono Betlemme, Nazareth, l’Inghilterra protestante, l’Europa cattolica, l’America che non si sa bene in quante cose abbia fede, etc. etc., insomma, il mondo in un presepe da teatro all’incontrario. Perché qui, anziché preparare il bue, l’asinello e la capanna col bambino, si inscena la morte vera, fine di un Testamento nuovo di zecca. Ossia tutta una via crucis nelle urla venute via da sotto i chiodi di due pali di legno e una corona d’aceto, da una musica delirante o dalle ugole di chi sta sempre sotto a guardare.

Bibbia interpretata da uomini ogni giorno in modo diverso, spettacolo raccontato già in ogni salsa, stavolta in tedesco, per chi lo capisce, o nella lingua universale di Qualcuno più in su di un direttore dì orchestra, per chi ci crede.

Jesus Christ Superstar, blasfemo come rock o mistico quanto un salmo, qualcuno lo sa meglio di noi. Staremo a vedere…

Jesus Superstar in Erfurt

On the stairs to St.Mary’s, majestic cathedral, history climbs the steps three by three and in just a little more than an hour and a half it takes a two thousand year stroll. In the beginning was the Word, later came the musical.

We are in Erfurt, but you know, God goes everywhere… The first stage stop was in Wren’s Saint Paul’s, in London, where reverend Martin Sullivan wanted to hear Christ sing and, by hearing Him, Andrey Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice sensed that religion vibrates more sacrely if words get to the ears escorted by some swaying notes.

Then, moving back along the year path, appeared Bethlehem, Nazareth, Protestant England, Catholic Europe, America that is never sure in how many things it has faith, etc. etc.; in short, the world in a crib in an upside down theatre. Because here, instead of putting on the ox, the donkey and the hut with the baby, a real death is staged, the end of a brand new Testament. That is a via crucis in the screams coming away from the nails of two wooden poles and vinegar crown, from a delirious music or the uvulas of those who always stays underneath to watch.

A Bible intepreted by men every day in a different manner, a show already told in every possibile way, this time in German, for who understands it, or in the universal language of Someone who’s higher than an orchestra conductor, for who believes in this.

Jesus Christ Superstar, blasphemous like rock or mystical like a psalm, somebody knows that better than us. We’ll see…


– Jesus Christ Superstar opened on Broadway at the Mark Hellinger Theatre on 12th October 1971

– In 1992, an Australian concert version in a series of vast arenas broke all the box office records at the time attracting an audience of over one million. The soundtrack made it to the top of the US charts three times.

– Jesus Christ Superstar still holds the record as the fifth longest running musical in the history of the West End. It was beaten from the top spot by three other Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals – Cats, Starlight Express and Phantom of the Opera.

– Jesus Christ Superstar was banned in South Africa where it was deemed to be irreligious.

Jesus Christ Superstar

Musikalische Leitung: Karl Prokopetz, Regie: Mei Hong Lin, Bühne: Thomas Gruber, Kostüme: Bettina Merz, Choreographie: Julio Viera Medina

Christopher Murray (Jesus), Petra Madita Kübitz (Maria Magdalena), Dariusz Merstein-McLeod (Judas), John Wiseman (Pontius Pilatus), Michael Leibundgut (Kaiphas), Jörg Rathmann (Annas), Henrik Wager (Petrus), Samuel Schürmann (Herodes), Luis Lay (Simon Zelotes), Jörg Zocher (Priester), Alexander Schmidt (Priester), Heiko Mauchel (Priester), Anna Baranowska (Mädchen am Feuer), Reinhard Becker (Soldat), Peter Schulte-Overbeck (Ein alter Mann), Jennifer Boone (Soul Girl), Julia Leinweber (Soul Girl), Amanda Withford (Soul Girl)

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