Bojan Zulfikarpasic

Marzo 7, 2005 in Spettacoli da Simona Margarino

Bojan ZulfikarpasicLinguaggi Jazz, Teatro Piccolo Regio Puccini, Turin: in a Saturday with the flavours of Belgrad and Paris, a black stage frames the light of a bald turtle pulling into and out of the shell of a piano, a protuberance the colour of blue turquoises. When it starts moving, it swings like a tentacle trying to assert its freedom and personality within an ocean full of fish, seeking after the exceptional.

Playing with the piano, fighting with the piano, caressing the keys, beating the keys. It’s a dance suspended between folk songs and creative art, exuberance and virtuosity, tenderness and rage, lullabies and war. It is a Solobsession, a mess of notes, jazz maybe, a thing you are not capable of picturing in words.

The strange name of this exotic being is Bojan Zulfikarpasic. You can’t find his music in supermarkets, he laughs. But listening to it live makes you feel the privilege of an uncommon experience, soaked with luck to the skin. Nothing similar to the pleasure of putting a CD into a shopping trolley, don’t you agree? What it leaves you, in the end, is a Z, a signature ordinary men are not allowed to have, a mark reminding of something we should be able to recognize…

Sabato 5 marzo


Bojan Zulfikarpasic, pianoforte

(Bojan Z Quartet, Yopla!, Koreni, Solobsession, Transpacifik)


Piazza Castello 215 – Torino

Vendita biglietti:

Associazione Culturale Centro Jazz Torino

tel. 011-884477 (lunedì – venerdì, h 14-20, sabato h 14-18), fax 011-8126644

Web site:

Mail: [email protected]


  • Sabato 12 marzo


    Chris Potter, ance

    Wayne Krantz, chitarra

    Fima Ephron, basso

    Ari Hoenig, batteria

  • Sabato 19 marzo


    Dave Douglas, leader e tromba

    Myron Walden, sax alto e clarinetto basso

    Marcus Rojas, tuba

    Rubin Kodheli, cello

    Tyshawn Sorey, batteria

    di Simona Margarino